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Coming April 2013 - Bluestone and Fume Marble! Stay tuned for details!

Coming March 2013 - Round Sandstone Coasters! Stay tuned!

January 2013 - Introducing White Sandstone! We are pleased to announce a new product line - White SandStone- to our inventory. This sandstone looks like beach sand and has very little to no graining or color variation. If you love our absorbant sandstone, you'll love this because it prints images clearly.

December 2012 - Introducing Snow White Marble! We are pleased to announce a new product line - Snow White Marble - to our inventory. This marble will remind you of ancient Rome. It is very white in color and works great for pictures and colorful images.

July 2012- Memoact has been sold! The company has been sold to Don and Gloria Rogers and moved to Central Florida. Production capabilities have been upgraded and turnaround times reduced for better customer service and quicker turnaround of your orders.

May 2011- WE MOVED!! All production and customer service has been relocated to brand new facility in Broussard Louisiana. The new office and warehouse is just what we needed to accommodate our growing business! Please Contact Us directly for updated information.

March 2011-MemoACT has introduced an exciting new coaster this year to our product line. ABSORBENT SANDSTONE COASTERS! These beautiful and practical coasters are the perfect addition to our already wildly popular line of gorgeous coasters!

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